Sedona Smudge Candle for Cleansing Negative Energy + Handmade in Sedona


    • Purify, Cleanse And Rejuvenate: Instantly remove negative energy from your home, crystals, sacred objects and space. Call in peace, calm, joy and abundance.
    • Handmade In Sedona: Small batch crafted in one of the worlds most beautiful and sacred places by JuniperMist – a small family company specializing in smokeless smudging solutions.
    • Smokeless And Convenient: This delightfully scented sacred smudge candle helps you smudge without smoke or strong odors. Perfect for home, work, holistic practices, travel or school. Easy to carry tin can go anywhere!
    • Pure And Healthy Ingredients: Made with us grown soy wax, lead free cotton wick, therapeutic grade essential oils and hand gathered real sage, sweetgrass and cedar leaf. NO chemicals, NO artificial fragrance oils NO petroleum waxes. Sustainably and ethically sourced.
    • Many Uses: Use it as home cleansing candle, meditation candle, crystal cleansing candle, chakra balancing candle, mood and energy lifter. Create your ritual and set your intention!

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    Black, Navy, Asphalt, White


    L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL