A Bad Moon Rising

    By Tommy Acosta
    What the hell is going on? Is the fabric of society in the U.S. tearing apart at the seams? Watching those videos of teens gone wild, smashing windows, stealing from shopping centers, laughing while running over bicyclists — an omen of things to come? What can be done? Catch them? Incarcerate them. Put them in jails until they learn enough about crime to come out as skilled criminals? These kids, these young men and women of color, are growing wild in the streets. From fatherless homes, unable to properly read or write, a dismal and destitute future ahead of them. What is going to happen when they reach adulthood? The cops can’t stop them. There are simply too many. They can flash mob a phalanx of cops and just run berserk around them. What are the police to do? Shoot them? Read more→