Baby Boomer Hippies
    Baby Boomer Blues
    By Tommy Acosta
    If you are a Baby Boomer and are reading this, STOP right now and click off the page because it’s one of the most depressing things I have ever written. But if you are in the mood to wallow in darkness and self-pity, read on. Baby Boomers, what happened? Has time so betrayed us, now, that we are but a decade or two away from finishing our stay here on this planet? What happened to those of us who grew our hair, protested against the unjust wars of our time and dominated three decades with the best music ever made and played? Looking back at videos of us at concerts, rocking to the Beatles, Stones, Yes, Prince, The Who, Metallica, Cream, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Beach Boys, Kiss, etc., we look at ourselves and we are fat, old, or bald. Sickness racks us. Body parts are failing, and we are getting closer and closer to our expiration date. We had dreams. We thought we would bring peace to the world. We marched in great numbers on Washington against the killing war in Viet Nam. We wanted to bring an end to evil. And we failed. Miserably. Read more→