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    Compassionate Sedona?
    By Tommy Acosta
    Sedona is known throughout the world as a spiritual destination point where the land and those who live upon it march to the beat of a different drummer. Compassion. Love. Inclusivity and enlightenment are pillars upon which this community is sustained. Yet, something happened a few days ago that made me question if this is really true. I was at dinner at a local restaurant with a fellow community resident, whom I had always thought to be one of the most compassionate people in Sedona. Quite off-handedly my friend asked me how I felt about a city plan to provide safe parking for people who work in Sedona but have to live in their vehicles because they cannot afford the rent to live here, or even in Cottonwood. I said I thought it was a great idea and my friend’s expression went from calmness to shock. “I can’t believe you are telling me that with a straight face,” he gasped, as he dropped his fork on the table. “Do you know what you are saying.” Read more→