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    Don’t Worry Be Happy (:->
    By Tommy Acosta

    Everywhere the drums of war seem to be beating and people are living in fear. Will Russia nuke us? Will we nuke Russia? Will NATO unleash its full force against Russia, China and Iran? Will there be a global killing unlike anything the world has seen before? I think not. The planet’s elite, royalty, those who own the castles, will never let their playground Earth be made uninhabitable by radiation and annihilation. The current conflicts are being meticulously managed and nourished by the defense contractors of the world. The grudge match between Russia and Ukraine, the extermination of Palestine, all the little wars in South America and Africa, are designed to bring maximum profits to those making the weapons and selling them. For now, they are quite satisfied with the glut. One would be naive thinking that the ruling families of the planet whose names you never heard nor will ever hear would allow anything to mess with their kingdoms, especially an inconvenient thermonuclear exchange that could end their dynasties forever. Sure, they got their hollowed-out mountains and massive underground shelters that would survive an atomic holocaust (just in case), but who wants to live underground for fifty years or more until the smoke clears and radioactivity goes down enough to step outside? Read more→

    By Tommy Acosta — Sedona, AZ – Throughout my entire life, I have always considered myself immune to disease and illness. During…

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