The Apprentice
    By Tommy Acosta
    Watching the latest debate from end to end once again it appears that the future of the GOP rests upon the shoulders of Vivek Ramasamy. Not sure exactly why but he simply outshines the pack. He has fresh energy and is light on his feet. He’s smart, confident and slick. He has snap. Crackle and Pop. He is young. A successful businessman and fearless. He is like a young Trump apprentice, full of vim and vigor and ready to rumble. Everyone else on the debate stage appeared dull, cranky or lifeless. Halley looked like she was suffering from a terminal case of constipation and badly needs a wardrobe manager. Christie looked like someone who bit into an apple, found a half-eaten worm, and decided to eat it anyway. DeSantis just keeps getting more and more boring; a somnambulist on Percocet. Scott looked like a misogynistic woman beater talking over Haley. Pence looked like an undertaker at his own funeral. Burgum, who? Read more→