Sedona, Psychic Energy Vortexes: True Stories of Healing and Transformation from One of the World’s Most Powerful Energy Centers



    “Sedona, Arizona—a place of awesome beauty and an extraordinary energy that is felt by every person wandering through its red-rock canyons. The first time I saw Sedona, in 1969, I knew this was a special place, not only because of its magnificent beauty but because of an undeniable spiritual vibration emanating throughout the area. Over the years I’ve become convinced, through my own experiences and the experiences of others, and through extensive research and investigation, that the psychic energy here is greater than anywhere else in the country.”

    Thousands of people have had incredible metaphysical experiences in Sedona, including direct contact with spirits, visions and manifestations. Sedona lies on ley lines connecting to Stonehenge and other spiritual power places in the world, and is surrounded by four powerful energy centers, or vortexes, all within a few miles of each other.

    You will learn how the vortexes are charged and how they can affect you. You will hear first-hand testimonials from people who have explored the vortexes, and remarkable stories describing their profound, life-changing encounters. Complete directions to find each vortex are also included, as well as important warnings and safeguards you need to be aware of before exploring. You will learn how to test the energy, then activate and expand it to maximize the psychic potentials of your own vortex experience.

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